ClickVID™ Expanding

Above the little French town of Gax , Guy, Jack and I walked in the Mountains. Matt, our guide, and soon to be business associate, was showing off his part of the world. Standing at the top of a ski-slope we had a stupendous view of the French Alps. Lake Genveva lay between us and them, a tongue of shimmering water underscoring the beauty of the impressive snowcapped mountains.

“You can see Mount Blanc over there..” said Matt proudly as a raven sailed silently above him on a current of chilled air, the tips of its wings curling upwards, buffeted by the wind.

Sure enough, amidst the distant mountains, mauve in the late afternoon light, was one which clearly stood taller than the others. We all stared out over the vista for quite some time, saying nothing, in awe of what we saw.

“Did you know the Swiss Alps inspired JRR Tolkien?” asked Matt.

We confessed that this was news to us.

“Exactly” said Matt “The Swiss missed out on that one… They are only just beginning to see the potential draw for tourists now that the Hobbit’s on the way.”

Matt went on to explain that the reason his company are located in Geneva is pretty much to take advantage of this lag, “We are furnishing the Swiss with cutting-edge rich media. I think ClickVID is going to be snapped up by a lot of our clients.”

This was all good news for us.

It was about then that Jack was startled by a man who seemed to be  spying on us from a nearby ridge. He alerted us and we all looked over, and for about two seconds we also thought this must be a man; although during those two seconds I had thought he seemed incredibly short. It was Guy who started laughing first,

“That’s not a man, it’s a goat”

Just as he said this the goat turned and trotted off down the mountain. We all laughed heartily.

Returning to Matt’s car, we drove across the nearby Swiss border and before long were in another of those meetings that feels like they might be life-changing. There have been a few recently…

Two hours later we were all shaking hands in agreement – Media Frontier, the Geneva-based agency are to be our ‘International Partners for the Swiss region'; their aim, to furnish all those Swiss Blue-chippers with some of the world’s most exciting e-commerce web-video technology, ClickVID.

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Presently in the form of curious human gloop, a happy mass of atoms floating mid-way between a thousand universes; I am a producer hoping to play a small part in giving what we engage with day to day more meaning.