Ben Sherman & the worlds first HTML5 shopable video

When the iconic British brand first came to us, ClickVID was – it’s fair to say – still in its infancy. At the time we’d worked with Ben Sherman on other video projects, but nothing with this level of complexity or cutting edge design. It seems only right to express our sincere thanks to their team. If it wasn’t for their passion and insistence on modern web standards, ClickVID would probably still be a pipe dream awaiting a market.

Now though we’re incredible proud to bring you the world’s first, truly device compatible, HTML5 shopable video player: Check it out on the Ben Sherman site.

Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman’s web presence is growing fast, with UK & international sites in Germany & the US. As such their development team is constantly striving to bring the best possible experience to their users. Ways of showcasing their collections & generating higher ROIs, all have to be put in place without compromising the brand. Modern video players often have a strongly branded image of their own, and placing this on such a high traffic iconic site is not viable.

Alongside the brand integrity sits the user experience. With so many products they needed to find a visual platform which could showcase them without interfering with the users journey. It was important to ensure anything that catches the users eye, is easily accessible and preferable shopable.

After meeting with their team they were suitable impressed with ClickVIDs promising feature set and our commitment to modern standards. The brief required a branded player, capable of running on modern tablet & mobile platforms, alongside traditional desktop environments. Integration with their Magento back end was important, allowing for their in house team of non technical publishers to edit and remove content.

ClickVID players are mobile & device compatible

At this point we’d like to give a shout out to The Other Media, they essentially, design, develop & maintain the Ben Sherman web presence. It was good to work closely alongside them to ensure a smooth introduction onto Ben Sherman’s sites. Undoubtedly their experience, professionalism and expertise has been a huge asset to this project.

Our team built a JavaScript powered player, at less than 85kb, including their custom plugins. It would hook up to pages on their site, grabbing the data and ensuring all the current page scripts were still functional, stock levels up to date, and add to cart / wish list buttons worked as they did on the rest of the site. Thus ensuring a consistent user experience, fully in keeping with the brand guidelines they have established.

Many weeks of testing have been undertaken on a multitude of platforms & devices to ensure compatibility and the best possible experience. We can proudly say the player supports modern iOS, Android, Blackberry & Windows Phones. Alongside all tablets from Apple, Android & and the Blackberry Playbook.

Currently the player is live on their 3 sites, available in both English & German. It’s a great feeling to know that Ben Sherman are so happy & excited about our work. We’ll now push forward developing and refining our systems and practices and would love to hear from anyone with an interest in our technology.

A cutout of the Ben Sherman shopable video page

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