About ClickVID

ClickVID is the result of a select group of individuals coming together with a passion for making the web a more user-friendly environment.

As a team we are an eclectic mix of Directors, DOPs, animators, developers and designers. Between us, we’ve had films in international award shows and have built & sold companies.

We came together 2 years ago and have worked alongside a number of UK & international firms, producing video content for Cinema, TV, DVD, VOD, retail screens, in-flight entertainment, sports screens and the web. All this time though, our main goal has been to achieve something different, something that is genuinely unique, and above all – useful.

The company has progressed through a few integrations of its player, but now we have finally arrived. We believe ClickVID is a game changer. It’s adaptable design, alongside it’s HTML5 roots give it unparalleled flexibility. We love the fact that it’s only real limitation is one’s imagination, mainly because we have very far reaching imaginations.

So, from humble roots we’ve worked hard, in numerous fields and we are all very proud to be able to provide ClickVID to the masses. If you are interested in learning more about the technology, check out the tour page. If you’d like to discuss its application within your own project please:

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