Creating interactive experiences from html5 video

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Interactivity at its core

ClickVID players are built from the ground up with interactivity at their heart. We want users to connect with video in the same way they do the web.

Our player allows for the creation of ‘hotspots’, clickable regions within the video, enabling us to react to the users interest in specific content at specific times.

Desktop & Mobile Device Support

Our players are capable of working on mobile & desktop platforms. With many different devices and O/S’s on todays market extensive testing is undertaken to allow the best experience for your users.

Device Compatible

Unlimited Connectivity

We don’t like to impose limitations on our clients, so if you can imagine it, our role is to make it possible. As such our player allows you to connect your video to any of your web content.

Ecommerce stores can sell products from their videos, no more searching the site, just click the hotspot and add to cart.

CMS’s can be hooked in directly with the relevant stages of your videos, providing further information, interactive call to actions, even site navigation to get your users to the right content faster.

By building your player around your business needs and site design we can ensure all your on page functionality can be bought into your videos. This creates consistency for the end user and ensures data such as descriptions, CTA’s, prices, stock levels etc. are all up to date and accessed correctly.

connect with modern CMS & Ecommerce platforms

Built on Modern Standards

Built from the ground up using modern standards compliant technology. HTML5 allows us to support a wider range of browsers and devices, now and into the future.

HTML5 video removes the neccessity for third party plugins and their required updates. It enables the natural integration of your media and website, allowing for deep integration of hotspots.

Players built on HTML5

Share It

Allow your viewers to spread the word.

Share players via the major social networks:

Facebook | Twitter | Google+

You can even let your users embed a copy of the player within their site or blog

Integrate with Facebook, Twitter & Google+

Branded Players & Customised Experiences

Create your player, your way.

From the visual styling of a players skin to the animations and shape of a hotspot, our player is moulded to your designs.

We make no assumptions on the experience you want for your users. Thats why our code allows us to fully customise any stage of any experience.

Customise your player


Track your videos performance and better understand what grabs your viewers attention.

Tracking is integrated with Google Analytics and supports configurable events for use with other 3rd party applications.

Connect your player to Google Analytics

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